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[ yafl - pronunciation: yaffle ]

Super simple & quick to play!

lucky pot

What is yafl?

It's a lottery, or you could call it a draw or maybe a raffle. It's a weekly cash giveaway that's simple and quick to play. There are no games, no videos and definitely no surveys. It's free and always will be. It's rather good, that's what yafl is!


The prize pot this week.

 Draw held just before midnight each Sunday (UK time). 

How it works

It's all about tickets

Just visit yafl each day and collect your daily ticket. If you collect all 7 daily tickets during the week (Monday to Sunday) then we'll reward you with bonus tickets. If you want even more tickets then refer others for unlimited referral tickets.

Weekly draw

Each Sunday, just before midnight, the draw happens. One ticket is randomly picked from all those collected, awarded or earned through referring others and the owner of that ticket becomes the lucky weekly cash winner.

Guaranteed winner

There's only one winner and they get the whole prize pot of lovely cash for themselves. There's no sharing, no rollovers and the winner doesn't even have to claim their win, we pay it automatically. This week's winner could be you!


Visit the tickets page each day and collect your daily ticket.

You can't collect more than one daily ticket each day.

If you collect all your daily tickets then we'll give you bonus tickets.

Want more tickets? Simply refer others for unlimited referral tickets.

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Check out our FAQ page to find out more about yafl.