Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for here then please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

  General Questions

What is yafl?

It's yet another free lottery or y-a-f-l for short. There are many others out there, good ones and bad ones, we're one of the better ones! Super simple and quick to play, we don't have any of the annoying features you'll find on many of the others.

How can it be free?

We generate the revenue needed to run this website and pay our winners from advertisements. It's the same as free-to-view TV or a free newspaper.

Do you send daily reminder emails?

We currently don't send any emails apart from those needed when you register an account, request a password reset if you ever forget your password and a payment sent confirmation email if you win a draw. We may implement a daily reminder email at some future date if a significant number of players indicate that they would find this beneficial.

What are alerts?

If there's something important that we need you to be aware of then we will tell you this via an alert. Alerts are prominent messages displayed at the top of most pages of this website, you won't be able to miss them! You can choose to dismiss most alerts after you have read them so they don't become an annoyance.

When alerts are active there will also be an alerts page link in the main menu. You can access any active alert via this link even if you have chosen to dismiss it. Alerts are only seen when you are logged in.

How do I contact yafl?

Just use the contact form on this website or if you prefer, you can email us directly at

Are my details secure?

Yes, the details you enter when you register, log in, contact us or interact with yafl in any other way using this website are always sent securely using encryption. You'll notice the https in the address bar of your browser, this means yafl is as secure as any website can be. We use a well established and trusted UK based hosting company to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure at all times.

What do you do with my details?

We hold very little data about you and the data that we do hold is only what is needed for your account to operate. If you win a draw then we will need to share your email address with PayPal in order to make a payment to you. There are no other circumstances when we share any of your data with any other third party.


Who can register and play yafl?

Anyone aged 18 or over can register and play. We're based in the UK but we welcome players from anywhere. If you're a non-UK player then please make sure you are allowed to enter free draws that offer a cash prize, some jurisdictions do not allow this. Also, some jurisdictions may require you to pay tax on any cash prize that you may win.

How do I register?

Just visit the register page. To create your account, we only need you to enter a username, email address and password. Make sure your username is one you're happy to stick with as you won't be able to change it later. We will usually need you to validate your email address before activating your account. We do this by sending you an email containing an activation link. Just click on the link to validate your email and you'll then be ready to start playing yafl.

Can I register using any email address?

You can register using any 'normal' email address and it's a good idea to use one that will allow any prize payment to be made using PayPal. There are, however, some exceptions. Please don't use a disposable email address or a temporary email address (one that lasts only a few days). These email addresses will be treated as invalid.

Can I register more than one account?

No, to be fair to all players, you are not allowed to have more than one account. If we determine that a player has multiple accounts then all tickets associated with those accounts will be excluded from the draws.

Can I register on behalf of someone else?

No, registering an account on behalf of another is considered to be and treated the same as having more than one account.

  Your Account

How do I change my username?

Unfortunately you can't. If you really do need a different username then we recommend that you delete your existing account (see below) and register again with a new username.

How do I change my email address?

Go to your account page when logged in. Enter your new email in the new email field and click the update email button. Your change will take effect immediately.

How do I change my password?

Go to your account page when logged in. Enter your existing password, your new password and confirm your new password in the appropriate fields and click the update password button. Your change will take effect immediately.

I've forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?

On the log in page you'll find a link to the get a new password page. Follow this link, enter your account email and click the continue button. We'll then email you with a link allowing you to choose a new password. The link will only be valid for 2 hours.

Why is my email address not recognised?

If you see a message saying this when attempting to log in or when attempting to get a new password then it is either because you did not register with that email address or your account became inactive and was deleted. Accounts that have not been accessed for 60 days are classed as inactive and are automatically deleted.

How do I delete my account?

Go to your account page when logged in. Follow the link under the close account header to be taken to the delete account page. Re-enter your password and click the confirm closure button. Your account will be closed and all data deleted immediately.

Alternatively, do nothing! If you don't access your account for 60 days then it will be classed as inactive and automatically deleted.

  The Draw

When is the draw?

The draw is held every Sunday, just before midnight UK time (GMT or GMT+1 when daylight saving is in use).

How do I enter the draw?

Simply collect, be rewarded with or earn draw tickets. Each ticket is worth one draw entry. There's more about the different ticket types and how to get them in the more about tickets section below.

How is the draw winner chosen?

As with most draws, it's purely random. One ticket is picked from all those collected, awarded or earned during the week and the owner of that ticket wins the draw.

What can I win?

Cash only. There is only one winning ticket for each draw and the owner of that ticket wins the cash prize. The current prize is £50.

How do I know if I've won?

You can see the latest winning ticket (and the username of the winner) on the tickets page. If you're the winner then you'll also see a message congratulating you on your win. You can also see the same winning ticket details for the latest draw and previous draws on the winners page.

Do I need to claim if I win?

No, you do not need to claim. Payment is sent soon after the draw and you may not realise that you have won until you receive an email from ourselves (and a similar email from PayPal) confirming that payment has been sent.

How does the winner get paid?

Payments are made using PayPal. All payments are paid UK pounds stirling (GBP). If your PayPal account is non-UK based then your payment may be subject to currency conversion and/or other transaction fees and your payment may be reduced. If you don't have a PayPal account, or PayPal don't recognise your email, then they will advise you on how to proceed in order to receive your money.

When does the winner get paid?

Within 5 days after the draw but usually much sooner (typically within 24 hours).

  More About Tickets

What are daily tickets?

Daily tickets are collected by visiting this site each day. Just visit the tickets page and click on the uncollected ticket. It's always towards the top of the page, in the your tickets this week section, so you can't miss it. If it's not there then you must have already collected it and you'll see a collected ticket instead. You can only collect 1 daily ticket each day and it doesn't matter when you do collect it, anytime from midnight to midnight.

What are bonus tickets?

If you collect all 7 daily tickets then you'll be rewarded with bonus tickets. You'll see these extra tickets on the tickets page after you've collected your last daily ticket (always a Sunday ticket). Currently 3 bonus tickets are awarded when all 7 daily tickets have been collected.

What are referral tickets?

We've given you a unique referral link. If others join yafl using your link then we'll reward you with referral tickets. You'll see any referral tickets that you get on the tickets page. You can find your referral link and more details about how referrals work by following the refer others link on your account page. Currently 1 referral ticket is awarded for each successful referral.

What does the information on a ticket mean?

All tickets, irrespective of type, contain a ticket name, a ticket date and a ticket number.

For daily tickets, the ticket name is the day of the week that the ticket was collected (Monday, Tuesday etc.). For bonus and referral tickets, the ticket name is the same as the ticket type (Bonus or Referral).

For all tickets, the ticket date is the date that the ticket was collected, awarded or earned. The ticket date is NOT the date of the draw although this date will be the same as the date of the draw if the ticket is collected, awarded or earned on the date of the draw (always a Sunday).

For all tickets, the ticket number is just a random and unique ticket identifier and it does not reflect the number of entries in the draw.

To make it easy to distinguish between the different ticket types we've made them different colours. Daily tickets are violet          , bonus tickets are gold          and referral tickets are pink          .

When can't I collect tickets?

For a few minutes every week, just before, during, and just after the draw on Sunday, we have a 'ticket lock' in place. This only lasts about 5 minutes and starts just before midnight. During this time you can't collect your daily ticket, or view your tickets, so make sure you don't leave it too late on Sunday to collect your ticket!

Are there any other ways to get more tickets?

No, you can only collect daily tickets, be rewarded with bonus tickets and earn referral tickets. There are no tedious games to play, no annoying videos to watch, no frustrating surveys to wade through (you'd probably be screened out before you got to the end anyway!) and there's no need to constantly visit the site every hour or so to get even more tickets. We know you've got better things to do with your time so we don't want to annoy you by asking too much of you.